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Essays and Articles

Published Articles (from oldest to most recent)

"The Downside of Collaborative Strategies," American Thinker, December 2, 2009
"The Promise of the Electric Vehicle," America's Right, December 10, 2009
"The Two Fronts on Terrorism," America's Right, December 28, 2009
"Get Illegal Immigration Solved - Now!," America's Right, January 12, 2010
"It Isn't All Obama's Fault," America's Right, February 1, 2010
"Toyota’s Ludicrous Liabilities," America's Right, February 26, 2010
"Why Progressives Consistently Miss the Mark," American's Right, March 10, 2010
"Rove and Miers," — A Different Perspective," American's Right, March 14, 2010
"Disavowing the GOP Arugula Gap," American's Right, March 25, 2010
"Horsemen or Musketeers," American's Right, April 5, 2010
"Kool-Aid Country," American's Right, November 8, 2010
"Drinking the Kool-Aid, Rolling the Dice." American's Right, November 16, 2010
"Top 10 Crazy Things Progressives Say About the End of Civilization As We Know It," America's Right, November 29, 2010
"Terrorism and Game Theory," America's Right, December 5, 2010
"Fix Education Now!," American Thinker, February 6, 2011
"The Growing Potential of Chinese World Domination," BigPeace (Andrew Breitbart Presents), September 12, 2011
Chinese World Domination: Defeating The United States Economically," BigPeace (Andrew Breitbart Presents), September 15, 2011
"Chinese World Domination: Increasing Their Military Capability," BigPeace (Andrew Breitbart Presents), September 17, 2011
"Chinese World Domination: Enhancing Their Technology," BigPeace (Andrew Breitbart Presents), September 21, 2011
"Chinese World Domination: Cornering the World's Energy," BigPeace (Andrew Breitbart Presents), September 23, 2011
"Chinese World Domination: Controlling the World's Commodities," BigPeace (Andrew Breitbart Presents), September 29, 2011
"Chinese World Domination: Forming International Alliances," BigPeace (Andrew Breitbart Presents), October 3, 2011
"Chinese World Domination: Allowing Capitalism and Religious Worship," BigPeace (Andrew Breitbart Presents), October 6, 2011
"The Politicizing of Science," The Moral Liberal, November 17, 2011
"Atheism, Creationism, or ...," The Moral Liberal, November 23, 2011
"Muslims, Hindus, and Jews: Setting Ron Paul Straight," The Moral Liberal, December 9, 2011

Philisophical Thought

Why Does Anybody Believe in God?

Publishing Thought

Groundbreaking Press vs. the Vanity Publisher
Traditional Publishing - How and Why It Works Like It Does

Future Thought

The Image of the Future
Earthward Implications of Cosmic Migration
Look Homeward Angel
Our Future in Space

The Growing Potential for World Domination - Summary Report

Process Thought

Subconscious Learning
Enron, Etc. - Why Is This Happening?
An Effective Critiquing Process
Levels of Understanding Within the Learning Process

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