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Our Future In Space

Because the vision or "image of the future" works in the present, very soon after the acceptance of the vision by a society changes begin to happen. Research is begun that will enable the vision to be realized, investments are made in "new" technologies, people are put to work, discoveries are made. What we soon see happening is that people begin to innovate to find ways to use the discoveries that had not been originally planned, ways to benefit individuals and sections of society that were not even considered in the original plans.

A program like the space program leads to many of these serendipity, "spin-off," benefits, ways our lives will improve because of the advances in technology we will experience learning how to live and work in space? To begin to understand how our lives will improve because of these advances, we need only look at a few of the many ways that our lives are already better because of space research.

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Copyright 1998, by Brad Fregger