NASA images are in public domain and therefore available to all of us (it's only fair, we paid for them). Enjoy the ones below, they're yours for the taking, just click on the title link to load the 800x600 version, some images also have an 1100x800 version.  All of the them have been Photoshop enhanced by Brad Fregger.

Brad has also written four essays regarding our future in space.

Outer Space Screen Saver

The outstanding outer space screen saver is also available to you "for the taking" in two different versions (the basic issue is download time):

Outer Space Screen Saver with Music (3.7 Meg) - The music is provided by Alexander Skwortsow, violinist. It is the "Chopin- Nocturne for violin and piano." The music, and other music by Skwortsow, is available on the  Internet at this address: Skwortsow

Outer Space Screen Saver (625K)

Outer Space Images

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Brad Fregger is the President/CEO of 1st World Library