Being an Effective Leader

Images of the Future

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Brad Fregger's Essays on Being an Effective Leader

These essays, regarding the basic principles of effective leadership, cover some concepts that are not well known, nor well understood, within the business community. The importance of "surprises," why effective leadership is often not recognized by management, and how, and why, the budgeting process is broken, and what can be done to fix it.

The Enlightened Company & Effective Leaders

The essay describes what I mean by effective leadership and how, paired with enlightened organizations, they make an unbeatable combination that will change the face of business
throughout the world in the 21st Century.

Effective Leaders & the Unenlightened Company

Effective leadership is hard to recognize because it seems so easy and natural. Effective leadersí accomplishments are often "invisible" to the organizationís more senior executives. Their "commitment" may even be doubted because it seems so easy for them. Management assumes their job is easier or they are lucky to have such a great team.

The Enlightened Company & Fiscal Responsibility

One of the critical characteristics that helps define enlightened companies is that they are fiscally conservative at their core, as an essential part of their culture.

We are all Naturally Creative

The ability to be creative, to encourage creativity within the organization, is a characteristic of the effective leader. As the rate of change accelerates and we find ourselves in situations that we haven't faced before, we may find that the old ways of doing things aren't as reliable, or may not even even work at all.

Accomplishing the Impossible

You canít win if you donít believe itís possible. Believing itís inevitable does not guarantee your winning. Itís being open to the possibility of success that increases the probability.

The Science of Surprises

It is important to remember that everything revolves around the goal of "getting things done." The effective leader and the ineffective manager have the same ultimate goal: get done what needs to get done.

Brad Fregger's Essays on Images of the Future

Brad Fregger earned his Master's Degree is in Futuristics (San Jose State University, San Jose, California); with a dissertation titled, "The Implications of Images of the Future on Current Socioeconomic Health." For Brad the Future, our image of it, speaks to the present with a power equal to that of the past.

These essays, regarding the relationship between a societies image (vision) of its future and its socioeconomic health, draw on that academic background. The space program enters into these thoughts because it seems to be the best path to a positive, difference making, image of the future for our civilization.

Share Your Passion

This is a speech originally written for Buzz Aldrin but it wasn't quite what he wanted.  However, I think its message is too important to discard, so I pass it on to you ... whoever you are ... as an essay.  May you gain inspiration from it, and see your dreams become reality.

The Image of the Future

This was written to explain how a societies image of the future impacts its present; impacts the current socio-economic health of that society. It mentions the importance of the space program as a positive image of the future, and therefore, a positive influence on our future.

Earthward Implications of Cosmic Migration

This speech was given at the American Astronautical Society's Conference, "Remember the Future--The Apollo Legacy," in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon.  It speaks to the role of the individual in propagating an image of the future.

Look Homeward Angel

Written specifically for those people who are convinced that the space program is important, and that they want to be apart of it, this essay/speech encourages them to look to the planet Earth, to be aware of the benefits that will come to all civilization when the final frontier of space is a reality.

Our Future in Space

This was written for the average person, the individual who is not sure that money for the space program is a wise investment. It explains how our society is better off with the space program, that, in fact, our future depends upon it.

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