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Master's in Futuristics

During the time that Brad was with Mervyn's, he was also getting his Master's in Futuristics from San Jose State University in San Jose, California. Brad's Master's thesis dealt with the relationship between a societies image of the future and its current socio-economic health. As initial research for the thesis, Brad choose the space program and did a major study on its impact on the socio-economic health of our society, as a result he became one of the nations foremost experts on the space programs impact on the health of our society. His speech "Earthward Implications of Cosmic Migration" was given as one of the keynote addresses for the American Astronautical Society's tenth anniversary celebration of the moon landing.

Additionally, he also ran two conferences that dealt with the future of our society and the possibility of having some control over the creation of that future. Both conferences (Our Future in Space and Creating the Future) had many prominent speakers, including Maxwell Hunter the father of the Space Shuttle, Unmanned Solar System Exploration, and the Star Wars Program. Brad was the only outside speaker at Max Hunter's retirement dinner from the Lockheed and Space Corporation. Max also took the proceedings of the conferences to the United States Congress, where they played a role in decisions concerning our nation's future in space.

Brad has written four essays on creating the future, and a speech for Buzz Aldrin, the Apollo II astronaut and one of the first men to walk on the moon. Space remains an important interest in Brad's life.

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