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The entire story of Shanghai is a chapter in Brad's book, Lucky That Way. This is a wonderful story, full of courage and commitment, about a young man, Brodie Lockard, who overcame immense odds, and then gave the world one of its most successful computer games.

This was the game my Mother was playing when my Dad, frustrated at the delay to begin our nightly poker game, said, "I'll never be addicted to a computer game." This statement led to the creation of Computer Card Solitaire. So, you see, it's not me you have to blame, it's my Dad.


This is the first game developed that belongs to the meditative strategy genre. Meditative strategy games are challenging and compelling, but do not include arcade type action, nor develop adrenaline highs. This genre of product is enjoyed by men and women of all ages. You can still buy Shanghai in your local computer store, it's available from Activision.