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The full story of Ishido is also in Lucky That Way. Before this product was published it was with three different publishers, the first, Spectrum Holobyte canceled all game products. The second, Eypx, went bankrupt. Finally the third, Accolade, published it.

This product had more legal battles than it ever deserved. We had to sue Eypx to get it back ... even though the contract stated clearly that it was ours. And then, Accolade used Ishido to challenge Sony's lock on products made to work on their PlayStation system.

Ishido won numerous awards, and has the distinction of receiving the highest scores ever at Accolade for user satisfaction. Tens of thousands of people experiencing the challenge and compelling nature of this product. It is destined to be around for a long, long time. It is truly a classic in the meditative strategy game genre.

Currently, Ian Gilman is providing a Mac version free to all comers. This is the best buy on the Internet, bar none!