The Enlightened Company & Fiscal Responsibility

By Brad Fregger

One of the critical characteristics that helps define enlightened companies
is that they are fiscally conservative at their core, as an essential part of their culture.

Brad Fregger is the CEO of Groundbreaking Press.

This essay is part of a special series on Being an Effective Leader. The essays were originally published in Beyneynu, an Austin, Texas based newsletter published by Barry Silverberg.

"Fiscal responsibility" as seen by the enlightened company, is radically different from the way it is viewed currently in the business world. In fact, the current methods of controlling fiscal activity are actually counter-productive. Any method designed to control fiscal activity must have as its ultimate goal increased profitability and therefore increased ROI. This is not true of the budgeting process now in use by the vast majority of businesses in the United States.

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